Mission Statement

Sina Hospital and Heart Center is a well-known and experienced private hospital in the heart of Isfahan, which aims to provide quality and safe diagnostic-therapeutic services in various fields of medicine, including surgery, gynecology, and obstetrics, with a special focus on specialized cardiology services. The vessels are busy serving.
This hospital has taken on an effective and constructive role in promoting the health of the community, especially the honorable people of Isfahan province and neighboring provinces, by using the most appropriate methods and the latest scientific and technological achievements available, as well as the presence of the most qualified medical staff. Is .
Our most important assets are our experienced and committed staff,
We appreciate this divine gift and by creating a suitable environment for work, we try to provide their security, satisfaction and well-being as much as possible.
It is our duty to meet the expectations of patients and other stakeholders, especially the esteemed shareholders of the hospital, and we eagerly welcome their views for our growth and development.
Also, believing that professional ethics, scientific promotion and staff awareness in the shadow of God Almighty will guarantee the reputation and profitability of the hospital, we always try to show our loyalty and attachment to our people and our dear homeland by observing the two principles of commitment and expertise. Prove.