human resources

Human resources are the most important asset of an organization and its effective management is the key to the success of the organization, so that if the policies and procedures of the organization's employees are consistent with each other, organizational success is more likely and in this regard, managerial behavior And the integration of all members of the organization with a sense of common purpose is very effective.
There are two approaches to human resource management. 1- Hard approach 2- Soft approach
In the hard approach, employees are looked at like other resources that the input-output equation should be established and managed efficiently, but in the soft approach, more attention is paid to thoughtful human resources that react to organizational behaviors. Achieving commitments requires informing employees of the mission, values, organizational plans, and environmental conditions and employee participation. In fact, the hard approach focuses on the employee management process, while the soft approach focuses on employee thinking and how to deal with They emphasize the rigid approach of systems and procedures and the instructions and how to perform processes, and the soft approach of human and behavioral factors.
Objectives of human resource management
The main goals of human resource management with minimum cost are to nurture and develop the talents and skills of individuals, maintain and retain qualified personnel and establish favorable relationships between them and meet the material and spiritual needs and satisfy personnel.

Human resource management tasks

These include recruiting and developing and motivating and retaining staff, which can be categorized into the following areas of activity.

Enayat Allah Akhgar

Human resources management


  • Organization design
  • Job design
  • Job Analysis
  • Job classification

Attract human resources

  • planning
  • Employment
  • Selection
  • employment

human recourse devlopment

  • performance management
  • Education

Reward management

  • salary
  • Job evaluation
  • reward
  • Advantages

Employee relations

  • Administrative Relations
  • participation
  • connections

Health, safety and well-being

  • Health and safety
  • Welfare

Recruitment and staffing

  • The legal framework of the regulations of the governing bodies
  • Recruitment procedures and measures
  • Human resource information system