Sina Hospital Informatics Unit with scientific support and practical experience in the field of IT in order to advance the goals of the organization and electronic statistics and information, with 24-hour user support, HIS, MIS software, office automation, traffic control, nutrition, PACS and other software Financial office tools are the main executive affairs of this unit.
The characteristics of Sina Hospital in the field of informatics are the use of up-to-date network platform, modern server equipment, switches and hardware appropriate to the software available in the unit. The following is an excerpt from the current activities of the IT unit:

  • Maintenance and management of networks and servers
  • Expertise and purchase and launch of user-related software
  • Maintenance and support of hardware (printers, switches, computers, servers, etc.)
  • Internal and wireless internet bandwidth management
  • IT consulting and guidance and cooperation with managers and employees In selecting available software , hardware, Databases and other resources to meet the needs
  • Control and support of HIS, MIS software, office automation, PACS, antivirus, SMS service, clock recording device and token recording of power supply unit, etc.
  • Update the hospital website
  • Preparation of network computers ID
  • Educate users to use software
  • Assess requirements and evaluate software and hardware upgrades
  • Assess requirements and evaluate software and hardware upgrades
  • Control and review of contractors related to the unit
  • Set user access levels and management
  • Collaborate in developing training programs and providing the necessary training to relevant staff
  • Back up the imported data At required time intervals

Engineer Farzaneh Rahnama

Informatics Officer

Engineer Marzieh Kamalinejad

Informatics expert