About Royan Congress

Royan International Twin Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cells Biology & Technology is a unique scientific event in its own fields in Iran and the Middle East.
The congress is a joint of two separate congresses with different themes held by Royan Research Institute Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cells Research Center.
The rapid scientific advancement and dissemination of the latest scientific findings in recent years have necessitated the development of collaboration between Iranian scientists and their colleagues to exchange knowledge, expertise, and experiences. In this regard, Royan International Twin Congress will provide a constructive platform to promote the scope of international cooperation.
The main objective of the congress is to bring together researchers and practitioners from all over the world in stem cells and reproductive biomedicine to stimulate and promote research.
The congress will cover all the main topics through highly scientific sessions, extremely innovative issues through various poster and oral presentations, highly specialized pre-congress workshops and training courses.
Royan International Research Award winners also present their researchers on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Biology & Technology during the Congress time.
Royan International Twin Congress is an extraordinary opportunity and auspicious occasion for international participants to taste the warm hospitality of Iranians and visit historical cities of Iran and enjoy the scenic beauties of Iranian architecture.
We are pleased to welcome you to Royan International Twin Congress, 18th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 13th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology on August 30- September 1, 2017, which definitely will be a memorable occasion for developing lifelong friendship in the coming years.
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