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Welcome to Sinai Heart Hospital and Center

Sinai Heart Hospital and Center has a national accreditation certificate with the first degree from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Sina Hospital of Isfahan was established in 1357 and its specialized heart center was put into operation in 1382. With the implementation of the development plans that have been carried out during these years with the efforts and efforts of the officials and shareholders of this hospital, now Sinai Heart Hospital and Center has 15 departments, 91 approved beds and 102 active beds.
The treatment departments of this hospital include: emergency room, CCU, cardiac ICU, general ICU, angiography, cardiac operating room, general operating room, recovery, internal medicine, midwifery, cardiac surgery, women's surgery, men's surgery, newborns and It is a maternity hospital. Among the diagnostic departments of this center, the following can be mentioned: laboratory, radiology, ultrasound, CT Scan/MRI, endoscopy and colonoscopy, echocardiography, exercise test and lung test.