Mission and Vission

Mission and Vission

Hospital Mission Statement:

“Sina Hospital & Heart Center” is a private center in the center of Isfahan city, which provides quality services in various fields of medicine by trusting in divine grace and valuable human capital and relying on skill, dignity and belief in the charter of patient’s rights. Pay this hospital considers the realization and achievement of its major goals, which is the continuous improvement of the quality of clinical/non-clinical services, safety and patient satisfaction, as its main task.

The perspective of the hospital:

We at “Sina Hospital & Heart Center” intend to operate by employing specialists in various fields and by complying with medical standards in such a way that we become the best private hospital in the field of providing cardiovascular diagnostic services and modern semi-invasive surgeries at the level be a country.


We have stepped on an endless path, because there is no end to commitment, quality and expertise, but in this path full of ups and downs, we always consider ourselves committed to maintaining the following values:

  • Adherence to human values and professional ethics in dealing with all clients
  • Compliance with safety principles in equipment and services for employees and service recipients
  • Respecting the rights of patients and respecting clients
  • Satisfying stakeholders
  • Striving for continuous improvement in organization, operational methods and work processes
  • Responsibility and accountability, empathy and honesty in work
  • ·       Legality and duty