Emergency Department of Sinai Hospital and Heart Center

This ward is located on the west side of the hospital on the ground floor, which is accessible from the main entrance of the hospital.
Emergency complex includes: triage unit and the main emergency department, which is providing a variety of internal, surgical and specialized cardiovascular services to esteemed clients.

Triage unit

Triage means leveling patients in terms of disease severity to prioritize service delivery.
In this unit, patient leveling is reviewed by a triage nurse and patients are prioritized to provide services according to the relevant policy.
Triage is the unit that the patient referred to upon arrival in the emergency room; The triage nurse is stationed in this unit in each shift.
The equipment of this section includes ECG device, portable monitoring (pulse oximetry, NIBP), digital thermometer. An ECG is also taken and is prioritized for a doctor's visit based on vital signs and history and ECG changes.

The main part of the emergency room

Includes examination room (doctor's visit), outpatient operating room, injection room, waiting room, CPR room including a resuscitation bed with all facilities and equipment of hospital and acute care rooms equipped with central monitoring and monitors equipped with pulse oximetry and NIBP And all beds are equipped with oxygen and central suction. Among the benefits of the emergency department of this center, the following can be mentioned:

Providing round-the-clock services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by general practitioners, nurses and trained and efficient staff, and supporting all specialist staff of the hospital by calling (ON Call)
Emergency Paraclinic Services (Laboratory and Radiology)
Due to the importance of receiving the results of emergency paraclinical tests and examinations, they receive the results in the shortest possible time and the present physicians provide any diagnostic and therapeutic action for the esteemed patients as soon as possible.

Cardiac Emergency

The heart emergency center of this center has two temporary hospital beds, the possibility of intensive care including monitoring such as CCU, shock device, resuscitation equipment, complete equipment and with access to experienced staff of physicians and nurses is ready to serve 24 hours a day.

In this unit, initial and immediate measures are taken for heart patients and if necessary, they are transferred to the CCU or other departments at the earliest opportunity and discharged if they recover.