Maternity block

The maternity ward has started its activities as a part of the hospital delivery block since 1979 with the aim of intensive care during pregnancy.
And is ready to accept and provide services to all clients of cesarean section and other midwifery emergencies
After a visit and examination by a midwifery expert, the clients of this ward are hospitalized under the supervision of the treating physician, if necessary, and with the cooperation of the treatment team.
The main task of this department is to take care of pregnant mothers during pregnancy and to make natural childbirth pleasant by providing safe conditions for a comfortable, safe and pain-free physiological delivery. All primary care of all healthy infants is done with the mother.
This ward has triage rooms, examination room, pain relief room (LDR), water delivery room, care for high-risk mothers, isolation room and supervised room.
With the presence of committed physicians, faculty members of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and experienced staff has been able to gain the trust of mothers in natural childbirth
In order to create suitable conditions for optimal care of mother and fetus, advanced fetal central monitoring devices, portable ultrasound, maternal vital signs control device, electroshock, sonicitis, resuscitation bed, neopaf, etc. are available.
In order to make the natural childbirth process pleasant and reduce the pain of pregnant mothers, various methods of pharmacological analgesics such as inhalation, antonox, spinal (epidural) are used at all hours of the day and night in the presence of an anesthesiologist.
Non-pharmacological analgesic methods: hot tub, shower, breathing ball, aromatherapy, massage, music therapy, acupressure, etc. At the same time with the help of experienced trained personnel, the necessary training is provided to mothers through educational videos.
The maternity ward is equipped with a pain relief room
Possibility of accompanying midwife if needed,
In-person or telephone visits of the patient's family and spouse during the delivery process until after the birth of the baby are other services that can be provided to patients.
The possibility of participating in physiological childbirth preparation classes from the 20th week of pregnancy for all clients of this center with conditions according to national standards is held regularly on all days of the week with the presence of the patient's companion or spouse under the supervision of an experienced instructor.