Sina Heart Hospital and Center was established in 1979 in Isfahan
And in 2003, its specialized heart center was put into operation
And with the implementation of development projects that have been done over the years with the efforts and perseverance of officials and shareholders, it now includes 15 departments and 92 active beds.
The departments of this center are as follows: Emergency, CCU, Cardiac ICU, General ICU, Angiography, Cardiac operating room, General operating room, Internal medicine, Midwifery, Cardiac surgery, Gynecological surgery, Surgery for men, infants and maternity hospitals, chest pain unit, including the diagnostic departments of the center can be mentioned as follows: radiology and ultrasound, CT Scan / MRI, laboratory, endoscopy and colonoscopy, echocardiography, cardiac electrogram, exercise test and Lung test.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: "Sina Hospital" is a private center in the city center that provides quality services in various fields of medicine, relying on divine grace and valuable human capital and relying on skills, dignity and belief in the Charter of Patients' Rights. Achieves and achieves its major goals, which is the continuous improvement of the quality of clinical / non-clinical services, safety and patient satisfaction. Macro policies:

Provide safe services, reduce risks and use modern diagnostic measures to accelerate the treatment process and increase patient satisfaction
Slight increase in hospital services and clients, especially elective services, by renovating and improving inpatient wards and increasing new equipment
Training employees in order to acquire the necessary capabilities to perform the assigned tasks